Paving Stones and Retaining Walls

Paving Stones:


Paving stones are durable and look very beautiful if installed properly. They add a significant value in beautifying the house. Commonly called as an interlocking brick, they are used to make paths, patios and also to build border between garden and grass for easy lawn mowing. Paving stones are used for many centuries; it is the undying choice for builders from ages.

Building walkway or patio can be a great investment, as they last lifetime and even adds value to the home. In Calgary, many homeowners do the mistake of building patios and walkways with different materials and end up using paving stones. But you do not repeat the same mistake and install paving stones at the first time.

Paving stones offer you with the choice of many different colors and style. H & R Maintenance and Landscaping Ltd. Landscaping companies Calgary company will help you to choose the right type of paving stone design that will suit with house and yard.

Retaining Walls:


These simple looking walls are stacked with stone, timber and block. However, they are wisely engineered to fight the never-ending battle with gravity. Retaining walls restrict loads of saturated soil that will otherwise slide and slump from a base or damage the adjacent landscape. These adorable barriers also make a good spot to sit and increase the utilizable yard space when it is terraced in sloping format.

Apart from sloped landscapes, other ideal locations where retaining wall can be installed are: when the downhill side of foundation starts losing the supported soil fault lines or when the uphill side is pressurized from sliding soil.

If your land needs one retaining wall for a specific purpose or just for looks, we offer the best landscaping calgary services. Be its paving stones or retaining walls, our service will definitely fulfill your requirements.