Lawn Maintenance Calgary


Landscaping is far more than just beautifying or keeping your surroundings orderly. H & R Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping is a company that can bring out the best in your garden or home.

Our landscapers endeavor to boost environmental practices and raise consumer awareness regarding the benefits of landscaping and lawn maintenance for the community.

One must get away with the mistaken concept that only lavish homes and mansions deserve Lawn Maintenance in Calgary done on it. Today, even a modest home can benefit from the services of a proficient landscaper at affordable rates. They can also equally enjoy the wonderful landscape works on their home.

Benefits of Choosing Our Lawn Maintenance Services Calgary:

1. Likelihood of A Good Sale

Being in this industry fro a decade, we know the fact that the potential buyers are not just interested in scrutinizing the interiors of your property but also the lawns and landscape.

If your home is for sale and they get to see that your lawn is well-kept, they will form a good impression on how you have taken care of your piece of property and consider it as a good buy at the price you have set.

2. Superb Landscaping Ideas

A healthy lawn is certainly achievable with regular watering, seeding, and appliance of fertilizers. Though, making it stand-out with magnificence in your locality needs professional expertise and hard work.

This is something that companies for Lawn Maintenance Calgary like us can provide. We have a set of unique designs that can match the theme of your household taken as a whole; creating a livelier atmosphere for your family and visitors.

3. Advantage of Additional Services

The additional services from us in Calgary may include gardening, trimming of the trees, planting shrubs, fertilizing, watering and grooming the yard. Our landscapers are also available for the completion of other related tasks when you are up for entertaining your guests and clients in your garden.

4. Valuable consultation Services

When you approach us, you can also get sound suggestions like the installation of appropriate irrigation systems in your lawn maintenance. Sprinklers are a must for the healthy existence of your lawn and this can lower your additional expenses of electricity and water.

Additionally, a landscaped garden and lawn can contribute to the visuals of your home in Calgary, making it a much more pleasant place to live. Therefore even in the case of not planning on selling your house, having your plot landscaped means you get the feeling of enjoying your beautiful surroundings along with knowing the fact that your house is increased in value more than it was before.

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We offer 100% assurance to accomplish your vision for lawn maintenance, snow removal, fencing, and garden maintenance services fitting your budget requirements.

Hire professionals in Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping Calgary who specialize design, consulting and maintenance. In the absence of proper knowledge and expertise, house owners may be risking damage to their property and decreasing the worth of their house.

Let us partner with you in building the landscape of your dreams.