Fertilizer Application and Weed Control

Fertilizer Application:


Fertilizing the lawn is very important if you want to keep your lawn hard and healthy. Fertilization is mostly done only twice a year: First in late May and second in early September. Fertilizing the lawn in spring time helps the grass output a good start during the growing season and even gives the essential nutrients after the snow has completely melted, as melted snow washes away most of the nutrients. At the fall, the fertilizer application allows the lawn to get hardy and gives nutrients like potassium that helps the grass roots to grow stronger, which aids in survival of grass in the long winters.

Many people do the same mistake of fertilizing their lawns around mid summer. This does not help the lawn but harms. Fertilizing during hot weather of summer burns the grass and sometimes even kills the grass as the essential nitrogen percentage is quite heavy on lawn and nitrogen acts more aggressively under hot weathers.

At H & R Maintenance and Landscaping Ltd., landscaping companies calgary have the expertise and experience necessary to keep your turf or lawn looking healthiest and best. Our overall lawn fertilizing service is comprised of various fertilizer applications during the growing season for providing the grass with required nutrients for a healthy growth.

Weed Control:


In fertilizer application, even weed control is presented along with preventing and controlling insect infestations that damages and harms the grass. We have a pride of being environmental stewards. That is why what we practice involves using the right product and application at the right time to control the targeted weed. This practice is called as Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Weed control is done with a combination of usual fertilization, proper watering practices and proper mowing. This will keep the grass flourishing while the weeds in destroyed.

Weed control also has post emergent and pre emergent applications that prevent the weed growth in spring and summer. Our all weed control products are safe for humans and animals and is done by trained professionals. We use specific equipment to help get rid your weed problems.

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