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Landscaping Calgary from H & R Maintenance and Landscaping Ltd include a whole panorama of landscape and garden design and its maintenance. The company maintains its commitment to quality, integrity and service leading to a beautiful homes cape matching your lifestyle. H & R is one of the best landscaping company amongst landscaping companies calgary.
As one of the leaders in Landscaping Companies Calgary, we intend to promote the importance of landscaping to the spirits of our urban environments and the essential role it must play in the prospective planning and development of Calgary.

Our Landscape service covered in a broad sense, comprise of four different phases:
● Design
● Construction
● Installation
● Maintenance

Designing phase in a landscape stands on simplicity, color, decor, natural transition, surroundings etc. It is not only to make it look good but it is also vital to be practical so the maintenance and upkeep does not suffer. Water passages and proper drainage are important factors that our engineers keep in mind.

H & R landscaping Calgary make certain that the landscape should be stunning not only from inside the house but also from outside it.

Construction phase includes the building of brick walls, paved exterior, overhead structures, outdoor step design, on-site parking, drains etc.

Installations step looks into the irrigation and water features, lighting & fitting facilities, drainage systems, and other installations forming key elements of our landscape service.

And without any doubt, the last and on-going phase is maintenance as everything remains incomplete if not properly maintained. The maintenance activities include herbicide and insecticide application, vegetation removal, fertilizer application, watering, gardening, lawn care, erosion control, turf care maintenance, re-vegetation and renovation of landscape areas.

Increase property value with Landscaping Calgary

Estate agents and property dealers commonly agree upon a point that a well-landscaped garden can raise the value of your abode dramatically. 95% of the responses from a survey supposed that landscaping add to the money value of the real estate property in Calgary.

In fact, your tidy and beautiful garden can raise the value of your house more than the well structured & decorated lounge/kitchen/bedroom, so it is a hiring a landscape gardener or landscape contractor before you put your house up for sale.

Social and environmental reasons for landscaping in Calgary are:
● Creates green safe zones to increase the spirits of our communities
● Reduction in overall local noise and heat
● Erosion control lessening the loss of soils in waterways
● Eye-catching environment for relaxing and entertainment
● Reduction of water runoff reducing local flooding
● Control extreme temperature, keeps cooler in summer and warmer in winter
● Enhances the high density developments
● Reduction in evaporation and soil degradation
● Creates a healthier surrounding by filtering pollutants resulting in cleaner air

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When people try to do the landscaping on their own, it becomes obvious to potential buyers. There are many of the things that the professional Landscaping Companies Calgary can reflect in the work done by their experienced landscapers.

H & R Maintenance and Landscaping Ltd in Calgary (Canada), with 12+ years of experience are specialists in choosing plants, building retaining walls and creating drainage systems.

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